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GameSir X2 Mobile Gaming Controller - "A Mobile Controller Future Glimpse."

GameSir X2 Mobile Gaming Controller - "A Mobile Controller Future Glimpse."

X2 Mobile Gaming Controller


Mobile gaming is turning into a legitimate pursuit progressively. So, there can be two reasons for this as everyone knows mobile phones are booming with a larger display. So, they can even handle more complex games due to their specifications. Ultimately, Xbox Game Pass allows its users to play on any device. That happens because actual processing is done in the cloud, so your phones only work as displays and controllers. 

The number of features on smartphones increases every day. Even you find out that AAA games have their way into a mobile landscape, while phones themselves remain blocky and rectangular. However, mobile games still require external controllers. The GameSir X2 Type-C is not one of them. Instead, there is an oversized grip that attaches to the user's phone. There is no need to stop the game once your phone is locked. Is it not a catchy eye pocket-friendly design?

 X2 Mobile Gaming Controller


GameSir X2 Type C Mobile Controller

Bottom Line: 

The GameSir X2 Type C Mobile gaming is convenient to use; even if you lock your phone, you can still play the game as you would with a regular controller. This controller's buttons are excellent, and it's easy to use.



  • Convenient to Use                                                  
  • Stretching Mobile Phone Holder
  • Clever Design
  • Passthrough Charging


  • Not Compatible with  IOS phones
  • Design could be more ergonomic


 X2 Mobile Gaming Controller

Key Features:


The GameSir X2's main advantage is its wired design. Stretchable and clamped on various Android phones.

No Output Delay

The GameSir X2 Type-C is a wired design with a type-C port which amazingly reduces the time required.

Movable Type-C Port

With an exceptional screenshot button, players can easily record the victory moment anytime. Type-C plugin ranges are up to 51°, which can easily plug and unplug your mobile and protect it from damage.

Price and availability

The GameSir X2 Type-C mobile game is available to buy at different prices $99.99/ $79.99 respectively.

However, it isn't easy to buy at reasonable rates from vendors on Amazon because some are selling it at high prices due to stock availability issues.

X2 Mobile Gaming Controller


  • Sliding design that is compatible with Smartphones
  • Turn Your Phone into a Controller
  • Offers a broad range of controls
  • Easy to tap the screen

The mobile controller comes in three wide varieties. Some are external Bluetooth controllers; others control with a phone mount. And the third type turns your phone into a controller. The The GameSir X2 Type-C mobile gaming is as same as the last one. With an excellent rectangular case sliding design that is compatible with most modern smartphones. The GameSir X2 offers a broad range of controls.           

X2 Mobile Gaming Controller  

The design itself is attractive. Most GameSir X2 controllers are white with black buttons and bumpers. There are also black highlights on the padding. So, it's easy for you to play a mobile version of games. You can easily play it by tapping the screen. In that case, you can say that a mechanical controller is appropriate for your need. 



A split design is reminiscent of a switch controller. A single thumbstick is available on each side, along with a set of four buttons. There is also a home start button with a traditional A, B, X, Y configuration; those on other sides are directional.

There are also a few specialized buttons along with all of these buttons. Even all buttons feel comfortable to touch as well as with responsive operation. So, they'll last until long after your phone is archaic as they have a 3 million press rating. E-sport game thumbsticks are also durable, and they're great for gaming.

The GameSir X2 type-C gaming cover consists of ABS plastic and a rigid polycarbonate case. It's pretty durable. Between the two-sided frame, there's a recess where your phone sits easily. If it looks small at first look, don't worry, you don't know how securely it'll hold your phone. This case accommodates phones up to 167mm. So, I think it's enough for the massive Samsung S10+ and Ultra 20.

Feature and Functionality

  • Dedicated Screenshot Button
  • Wired Design 
  • Plugin-friendly
  • Safe to use

The GameSir X2 has a wired design. However, everything in the tech industry is going wireless. Wireless technology is convenient as it doesn't need a wire. But that doesn't mean the device is fast and fair. In most games like Xbox and PlayStation, controllers have only 5-8 milliseconds of lag, which is relatively short. But if there are more than two players, then it incredibly makes a huge difference.

At first glance, it might be challenging to understand the structure of the GameSir X2. It seems like you would hold the controller open and insert the mobile at the same time. Or do you think you're going to damage the USB Type-C? Right? But no, it's not true in this case. With the GameSir X2, you can easily plug your phone in before it is fully inserted. After that, you can easily pull the side of the controller apart and let your phone drop-in.


Power and Compatibility

The GameSir X2 doesn't have its battery, even it uses your smartphone battery. I know at first glance; it looks like a terrible idea. Right? You think it'll consume more power. Are game controllers more power-hungry? Yes, they are in most cases. The controller's Bluetooth chip consumes the majority of energy. So that's why it consumes more power. Extending the GameSir X2 is simple because it comes with a wire. 

You don't need to worry about it because it drastically reduces power consumption. Can you believe that in an hour, only a 2mAh battery will burn by a single player? It can depend on how furiously you're hitting a button. The power usage can be minuscule. So, your phone will use more power communicating with a Bluetooth controller. 

A drawback is that GameSir X2 is only compatible with Android phones. It can't work on IOS. Moreover, it's only compatible with C-type Android devices. If you charge your phone via micro USB, then it'll also not going to work. But it's nice that it has Bluetooth options for broader compatibility. But it would require an internal battery, which seems a significant change.

Our Verdict

More and more compatible controller games are increasing day by day. Mobile gaming has given us an adventurous experience over many years. As for OS, gaming controllers are considered very compatible. A minority of games are available on XBOX, which makes them pass more significant segments.

The GameSir X2, a mobile lightning controller, is made perfectly as a portable controller. The cool thing is that it passes light through its lightning connector. A small handy and pocket-free portable the GameSir X2 is easy to use. No doubt it's an incredible device for an iPhone owner.



Q1. Is the GameSir X2 Controller Worth It?

Yes, the GameSir X2 has incredibly great features and specifications. A glimpse of the future games industry. It comes at an affordable price.

Q2. Is the GameSir X2 Controller Allowing multiplayer?

It allows not only multiplayer but also no wobble to win without affecting speed.

Q3. Do the GameSir X2 Controller Support PUBG Game?

Yes, you can still play PUBG using the products. Even if you want to play Chinese PUBG, then you can use direct connections.

Q4. Can I connect the GameSir X2 Controller with IOS?

Unfortunately, the doesn't support IOS. However, all IOS devices don't support wired connections.

Q5. What if the GameSir X2 Controller doesn't allow my device to fit?

With the GameSir X2 Type-C mobile gaming controller, users can fit their phones with a maximum length of 167mm.

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