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Razer Nari Ultimate Review

Razer Nari Ultimate Review

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless 7.1 Headset for Gamers

This headset is a blend of clever graceful design, amazing performance, and a reasonable price.

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless 7.1 Surround Headset for Gamers and Audio lovers comes with amazing features of Razer Hypersense and Haptic Technology. It gives an amazing audio experience to me and other gamers and music lovers with clear notes and classic bass. With multiple device support to EQ customization, comfortable fit, and intuitive controls, there is much more to love this headset for!


  • Amazing sound and powerful bass
  • Perfect design
  • The accurate flow of vibrations from left to right
  • Easy-to-use and control
  • Incredible value
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods with cooling gel cushions


  • Plastic structure/body
  • Mic Monitoring is a little louder
  • No Active Noise Cancelling
  • Background noise gets more when the sound gets louder
  • Razer Nari Ultimate

Key features

Razer Nari Ultimate 7.1 Wireless Headset comes with some brilliant features. These include:



THX Spatial Audio breaks the pre-defined boundaries of 5.1 and 7.1 channels. It can deliver seamless 360° positional audio for a perfectly natural and lifelike audio experience.



Razer Nari Ultimate features a haptic technology creating touch-sensory feedback for natural and lifelike sensations based on audio cues during games, listening to music, or watching videos.



This headset comes with direct control of audio. You can do everything and anything by just muting your mic on the fly.




Razer Nari Ultimate

With the retractable mic with this headset, you can enjoy a

perfect mix of game audio and team communication. This balance can take the audio sensation to the next level.



Razer Nari Ultimate wireless headset is so designed that its immersive technology is complemented by the comfortable features. These features let you escape into the gaming world for hours without any strain.

 Razer Nari Ultimate


Cooling gel-infused cushions reduce heat build-up while a combination of soft cloth leatherette provides the user comfort and sound isolation. The ear cups provide a comfortable feeling while using the headset for a long time. With this feature, you can enjoy gaming or music for hours.



  • Razer Nari Ultimate is functional with PC with USB port
  • PlayStation 4
  • Windows 10/ Windows 8/ Windows 7


Razer Nari Ultimate is a PC gaming headset that is equipped with intelligent Haptic Technology that converts sound signals into dynamic sensory feedback in real-time. This wireless headset is features brilliant sound quality and an elegant design. There is Wired compatibility of this headset via 3.5mm cable with PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Straight out of the box, Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless Headset serves me up an incredibly bass-heavy, muddy listening experience, and it is pleasant particularly for gamers.


Product details

Product dimensions: 7.29 x 8.63 x 3.94 inches

Item Dimensions: LxWxH 7.29 x 8.63 x 3.94 inches

Item weight: 1.04 lbs

Color: Classic Black

Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries

System requirements: USB port

PlayStation 4, Windows 10/ Windows 8/ Windows 7



Razer Nari Ultimate 7.1 wireless headset comes with an elegant design and classic black color that attracts users. The ear cups are with a classic black sieve and a green sign. The cushions are gel-infused with a cooling effect and comfortable features.

Razer Nari Ultimate


The most important feature of Razer Nari Ultimate is Razer HyperSense – featuring haptic technology. It creates touch-sensory feedback for lifelike sensations based on audio cues from the game. During your ultimate gaming experience, you can now sense planes roaring overhead or recoil from bursts of gunfire. This feeling creates a whole new layer of immersion for the gaming experience.

THX Spatial Audio goes beyond traditional-sounding experience by stimulating sound in a 360-degree sphere around you. Razer Nari Ultimate lets you now react to any in-game movement even if it's coming from above or beneath you. It heightens your senses during game time. Razer Nari Ultimate is complemented by Comfort to be designed so that its immersive technology is the best fit for gamers and high-bass audio lovers. These comfortable features of the Razer Nari Ultimate wireless headset let you escape into the world of games for hours.


In this device, vibrations flow accurately from left to right and with different intensities showing the direction where the audio cues are coming from during the game. This device is specifically made for gamers and high bass audio lovers. The gamers can have heightened awareness of their in-game surroundings due to Razer Hypersense technology. The gamers can feel the impact of battle when the bar is raised due to the immersion of sound.

                             Razer Nari Ultimate





2.4 GHz wireless Audio feature lets you control directly on the headset. With this device, you can do everything and anything from adjusting the volume to muting the mic.

This device comes with a fine mic quality. Razer Nari Ultimate shows outstanding results from Zoom calls to Discords, in-game chats, and phone calls via Bluetooth.

When it comes to battery life, Razer Nari Ultimate promises a long life of up to 15 hours per charge.

   Razer Nari Ultimate

Sound Quality and Microphone

Razer Nari Ultimate wireless headset comes with amazing sound quality and Microphone features.

  • Dolby Atmos breathes life into gaming, music, videos, and movies.
  • Amazing sound and perfect bass for music lovers.
  • A good mic quality despite louder monitoring.
  • Mic arm in the device could be perfect with a few tweaks
  • This headset sounds great after tinkering with EQ settings.



Razer Nari Ultimate comes with some amazing features that can be the reason to prefer this audio set over the other for gamers and audio lovers. This device charms me with its fine design with very clever and intuitive dial controls during gaming and listening to the audio.

This device can be paired up with multiple devices with different programs and features that offer flexibility for gaming and professional work. The sound gets better after some tinkering especially if you throw Dolby Atmos into the mix while playing audio.

Overall, Razer Nari Ultimate wireless headset is a device with good control over your hearing senses and your taste of music. Razer Nari Ultimate gets you a chance to make a vast amount of bang for your buck and venture out a slightly protruding mic to make your audio experience the best.

You can buy this product from a trusted source using the link below:

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