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Top 10 Best Gaming Gifts For 2021

Top 10 Best Gaming Gifts For 2021

Top 10 Best Gaming Gifts For 2021!

The holiday season and yuletide festivities are just around the corner, which translates into: there is no better time than now to start thinking about gifts for the gamers in the family or social circle.

Picking the right present can be tricky since the range of options is almost impossible to exhaust. The good news is; this gaming gift guide breaks it all down with a definite list of the best choices and pre-shopping considerations.

Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad

We are all starting to embrace a future of cordless charging, an era where we can simply forget about plugging in cables and being seemingly tethered to smartphones.

Wireless charging accessories are now on the market, and no one would be more excited to have one than a consistent gamer. With fancy charging stands, pads, or stations, one can power up a smartphone, probably even faster.

But when it comes to selecting the best wireless charging pad for that gamer friend of yours, the one-size-fits-all approach does not quite deliver. Bear it at the back of your mind that there are single-device wireless charging pads, which are good for powering a phone.

On the other hand, there are versatile wireless charging pads, built for those that would like to juice up multiple smartphones—or gadgets—in one go.

Soft Shell Toy Pistol

Toys | Soft Shell Toy Pistol | Gadgets

There’s something about gamers and shooting, and that is what most players in the entertainment industry are steadily cashing in on; creating titles and experiences that extol everything from gunslinging, sniping, RPG launchers, and bazooka standoffs.

Some gaming companies have gone the extra mile to create real-life guns for people to play with. But it goes beyond that; you can put a grin on a smoker’s face by gifting them a softshell toy pistol.

Softshells are exciting devices, one which everyone from gamers to movie lovers and kids to aspiring arms dealers take too kindly. Whether he or she is a battle royale fanatic, an arcade professional, or a stickler for general adventure, having a fake Glock in their collection is bound to be a welcome idea.

More so, things might go crazier if it comes in their most preferred colors or with a personalized design. Luxury or not, though, gifting a gamer a softshell toy pistol never goes wrong—at least when everyone plays by their countries’ rules.

Apple AirTag Locator Keychain Protector Metal Case

Apple | Air Tag Locator Keychain Protector Metal Case | Gadgets

If you are looking to help someone keep better track of their perhaps constantly vanishing keys, an AirTag is a surefire way to put them out of their worries. Although, they require a separate keychain accessory to protect and hold it.

Well, Apple has a compact selection of accessories one can slot an AirTag into. When the AirTag is placed into the accessory, it can be put just about anywhere a keychain can go.

For a great gift, you want to get that gamer or game fanatic an AirTag holder with metal case protection. However, it is vital to note that there are basic differences in the material and design of these locators.

Whether you get an open or closed version of this accessory would heavily depend on the taste of its recipient, although one with a fastening contraption is often more preferred. Ultimately, all AirTag keychain holders with integrated key rings or eyelets do so for backpacks and keychains.

While classic or synthetic leather is a prevalent material for these protectors, some are pendants with soft silicone, hard plastic, or even metallics. The more ideal material pretty much depends on the preference of the giftee, as well as the purpose of the gift. The rule here, though, is: the rougher the purpose, the stronger the stable cover needs to be. In most cases, the metal AirTag is the no-brainer.

For example, if the AirTag is used in tracking suitcases or briefcases, the material needs to be sturdily protected so that it does not ever come off—even if it is handled roughly in unrelenting airport traffic. Ultimately, even the inexpensive keychain cases leave a useful impression.

Portable F9-10 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 With Charging Box & Waterproofness

Portable F9-10 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Three LED Power Display Smart Touch Waterproof In-Ear Earphone With Charging Box | Audio

If there is one thing gamers and everyday smartphone users have in common, it is the preference for wireless headphones over wired ones. Though the good ol’ cord earpieces are still in vogue, non-contact extensions are becoming the rage.

Being that the entertainment industry is already transitioning to match these trends, there is no better time than now to give a gamer a nice pair of earbuds. How about a portable F9-10 TWS Bluetooth, one that features an LED display, waterproofness, and a charging box.

But why would this device be a great gaming gift idea in this new age? The emerging user duly considered, the type of earbuds sounds authentic, produces impressive bass, and has crystal-clear treble outputs. The high-level Bluetooth is also water-resistant, which makes it suitable for gamers who like to take things into the field every once in a while.

It features quick connecting times, is lightweight, skin-friendly with its choice of materials, and is quite convenient to use; it will not give your pal ear jugs when used for prolonged times. Not to forget the earbuds’ big-cap battery, which provides a lasting, enjoyable experience. It allows you to play songs for 4 to 28 hours, depending on the battery level and volume.

3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station Compatible With Devices

3-In-1 Wireless Charging Station Compatible With Qi Devices | Cell Phone Accessories

On a probably unnoticed basis, we keep adding more, newer devices to our living spaces. As we do so, our charging needs tend to grow below our noses. This is more common with gamers who keep buying the newest accessories on the market and upgrading their gaming stations. One can be in the middle of a LOL showdown and the phone battery starts to give up.

One might just locate the nearest box and cord the charger in but then one would have to stay close to a cold wall and probably awkward position in order to keep participating in the competition. Long story short; that is not an exciting situation to be in. As such, a three-in-one wireless charging station that is compatible with all q1 devices comes sharply in handy.

Ideal for wireless charging regardless of location or timeline, such a charging station can transmogrify into a floating stand just in case its user wants to go live on YouTube or FaceTime with friends. The portable and adaptable charging device, in some cases, can be folded into a single, neat, and wallet-sized stack which can be easily tucked away into a bag or pocket.

With the aid of a magnetic auto-alignment feature, the charging station is Qi-compatible—it can wireless power up any iPhone, Android, or Bluetooth device. That makes a three-in-one charging pad an almost unsurpassed gaming gift idea: charge your phone, AirPod, beatbox, and even power bank in one place.

4-in-1 Media Transfer With Memory Card

4-In-1 Media Transfer With Memory Card | Digital Storage

Whether you are partaking from a smartphone, PC, or console, storage remains an essential part of a gamer’s everyday life. In order to keep titles whole and accessible anytime, one might need an uncommon type of external memory space. In this case, the 4-in-1 media transfer memory card is a sought-after.

Not only is it suitable for all kinds of devices—thanks to its 4 interfaces—but also powerful in enabling the exchange of data between all connected devices. Where a phone and laptop can be seen as attached vessels, the 4-in-1 media transfer unit is the mother ship, where all the information is stored and protected.

Should your buddy want to manage their photo splashes, back up their countless documents, and better organize all their personal electronic files, this is the transfer media to look out for. It significantly eliminates the need to have multiple memory cards in different corners of your workstation.

Meanwhile, the memory card itself is straightforward to use and quite easy to carry from place to place. One simply needs to insert the card into the card reader port and plug it into your target device. The reader comes in black or white, and—depending on your preferred memory capacity, carries 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB in storage at a time.

Gaming Mouse

LED Wired Gaming Mouse USB Computer Mouse 5500DPI Optical Mouse 6 Buttons | Gaming Mouse

The best kind of gaming mouse is the one that feels just right for grips and delivers seamless performance throughout many games. If you are buying one for a gamer, it is important to select one that feels as though it belongs in their hands, flexing the proper feature set and packing the right sensor punch to—not only improve the flow of the user’s gameplay but also—make for more satisfying hits.

There are, say, dozens of players in the mouse race today, and there is no wonder why, right? After all, everyone from office workers to couch-loving tappers uses them. Instead of thinking far outside the box for the whatnots, why not buy that friend of yours a gaming mouse?

The model can range from best-buy to pretty expensive, the latter of which often boasts quite welcome features such as cordless power-ups and a host of customizable buttons. The designs also vary, as some have fancy RGB, others come with easily detachable parts, and a select few models brandish an adjustable weight mechanism.

Cordless mice have covered some grounds in the past few years but they are yet all safe from downsides. Limited battery life (especially when it comes to RGB) and potential latency are two big scarecrows. Should you choose a cordless gaming mouse, it is best to get something capable of lasting 30 hours or more. Also, you will need to find out whether Bluetooth would be best, but it usually is when the user is between multiple devices.

Gaming Chair

Computer Gaming Chair Safe And Durable Office Chair Ergonomic Leather Boss Chair Wcg Game Rotating Lift Chair High Back Chair | Gaming Chair

Surprising a close one with a gift like this is a great idea, particularly if you want to buy something with the capability of lasting years. Gaming chairs come off beyond popular these days, and as they get increased attention, more people are buying them for office, home, and otherwise leisure needs.

In an age when virtually everyone is working more remotely than ever, having a great elevated chair has sort of become a must. Moreover, it is the only way you can ensure your posture comes out bold enough and that you get the support your need and back areas deserve while you are at work.

If you happen to have bought a gaming chair before, you would most likely agree that customization is one of the most critical features any buyer should consider before purchasing. There are lots of offers with plenty of this avenue; the gaming chairs can be easily adjusted in various ways and feature lumbar cushions, which are perfect for ensuring everywhere around the spine is comfy.

More often than not, a unique mix of some moderately rugged features, minimalistic styling, and ample ergonomic upside is what characterizes the perfect gaming chair. But do not forget to add affordability into consideration because it makes the matrix a lot more interesting and reliable.

Gaming Headset

Headset For Gaming | Audio

A gamer without a headset is like a rap artist without a microphone. Particularly when it comes to family homes and shared apartments, gaming can be quite loud. As such, it is important to consider that gamers would prefer not to bother anyone with the sound of war drums and exasperating shooting.

A gaming headset usually has more immeasurable value to the PC gamer, and the reason is that it is the most effective way for them to get their in-game audio right into their ear holes. It is undoubtedly one of the few gaming accessories capable of delivering a holistic sense of immersion.

Plus, thankfully, now is the best time as any to pick up a gaming headset. After all, it is that time of the year when retailers drop their prices. Getting your gamer friend or family member a headset is a gesture that will never go wrong, irrespective of whether you do so on or off a budget.

Concluding thoughts

It always makes sense to do some research before buying someone a gift, both online and offline. Keeping an eye out for their pain points can help, while comparing prices on platforms like Amazon and Alibaba helps you avoid an unnecessary hole in your pocket.

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