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Apple AirTags - One Tracker to Rule Them All!

Apple AirTags - One Tracker to Rule Them All!

Some people never lose anything. If you never, ever misplace anything — your keys, wallet, car, luggage or anything else — you can safely skip today’s column. But, if you are like most people (including yours truly), Apple recently introduced an easy way to keep track of almost any object and find it quickly and easily when you misplace it.

Apple’s AirTags are the easiest and most effective way I’ve found to keep track of stuff. Just attach an AirTag to anything you’re likely to misplace — your keys, wallet, backpack, headphones, fanny pack, etc. — and when it goes missing, the AirTag helps you find it in several ways.

The first way is to display the item’s last known location in the Find My app on your iPhone or other iDevice running iOS or iPadOS 14.5 or later. It works like radar and shows you where the item was last “seen” on a map. If your iPhone has Ultra-Wideband (i.e., iPhone 11 or later), Precision Finding kicks in when you get close to the item and shows you an arrow pointing in the direction of the lost item along with how far (or close) you are.

When the item is lost, enable Lost Mode on the AirTag in the Find My app and you’ll receive a notification the next time another device detects the AirTag. You can also configure an AirTag so that tapping it with any NFC-capable smartphone displays a message with your contact information.

If you think AirTags might have nefarious uses, they’re designed to discourage unwanted tracking, and your iPhone alerts you whenever someone else’s AirTag is traveling with you.

AirTags are water-resistant and run for a year or more before your iPhone alerts you to replace the battery. And, if you order online from Apple or in a brick-and-mortar Apple Store, they include free laser engraving.

At $29 each or $99 for a four-pack, AirTags are reasonably priced and work better than other similar devices, such as Tile or Pixie, that I’ve tried. Apple’s accessories are very expensive, starting at $29 for a polyurethane loop AirTag holder to a Bag Charm that goes for a whopping $299.

We now offer these tags at a much more reasonable price point. Great for the upcoming holiday!

Apple AirTag KeyChain
Apple AirTag KeyChain


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