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How To Download Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Game

How To Download Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Game

Overview: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

In the last few years or so, battle royale games have been the rage, and that trend owes much to the wild success of PUBG. Titles such as Fortnite and Apex Legends soon followed, basking in just as much fanfare. The legacy RPG is known as Call of Duty also revealed its intention to get into the race, coming out with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

One cannot talk about the 2020 Call of Duty game without mentioning its unusual size. Because of the software’s sheer magnitude in total gigabytes, it has become one of the best-known long-running shooter series.

In fact, some say it is the best run since Modern Warfare was rebooted and since Activision’s battle royale warzone. Basically, Black Ops Cold War is four Call of Duty Games with equally matched vendettas against your hard drive. Succinctly, it is the do-everything shooter game of the era.

This seemingly record-breaking title was finally rolled out to pre-registered users in the Google Playstore for free but not many people were able to avail the overly rare opportunity. Nevertheless, you can download the game on your smartphone or PC, whichever you choose.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Any New Updates?

Black Ops Cold War was quite the run but, apparently, Call of Duty got some more tricks in its coffers. Bringing in the stuff of scary movies and nightmarish exhilaration, the dusk has set on Warzone, once more.

Unruly souls resurrect from the abyss to all but petrify Season Six, as everything from armed resistance to the undead torment the world of the living. This title is “almost” the right way to jiggy yourself up for the Halloween season; start facing your fears now.

How big is Black Ops Cold War?

Black Ops Cold War's Season 5 update is roughly 90GB, depending on the next-gen platform you are using and perhaps which part of the game you wish to play. Because updates always increase the file sizes, there is a likelihood that it will take up more space on your hard drive as time goes on.

Regardless, Activision has put some thought into the Cold War Black Ops to allow players to install or uninstall their preferred separate elements of the game, mostly in a bid to create free storage on their hard drive. As such, you have the choice of installing Campaign, Multiplayer, Zombies, Dead Ops Arcade, and High-Resolution Texture Pack, any of them that tickles your fancy.

How to download on Xbox and Xbox S

You need to have the game installed based on your choice of mode in the first place, and that can be seamlessly managed right from the menu of Black Ops Cold War. Here are the steps to installing the title on your device:

Launch the game on your Xbox.

  • Click on the right stick button while on the Main Menu. This pulls up File Management.
  • From this menu, select which modes you want to install or uninstall.
  • Click on Yes to install or uninstall the selected mode.
  • The mode will now be installed/uninstalled on your Xbox.

It is basically the same process for downloading on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Once you launch the downloaded game and head to the File Management section, you can choose the mode you’d like to use and install it on your PlayStation.

How to download Black Ops Cold War in high resolution on PS5

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PS5

Sequel to what we said about playing in high resolution, there is a way you can obtain such a package for your PlayStation 5. Well, Black Ops Cold War got its high-res texture packs in its fourth season, reloaded for Multiplayer, Zombies, and Dead Ops Arcade updates. When you start the game for the first time after the update, you will be prompted by the system to initiate the download for these texture packs.

Perhaps you unknowingly dismissed your download for some reason but do not wish to install the packs just yet? You can still find and install the high-res version in order to enjoy the best Cold War Black Ops experience. Follow these steps:

  • Launch Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on your console.
  • Navigate into the Multiplayer Mode.
  • Navigate to the Store by tapping on R1 to cycle through the tabs displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Next, hit R3 to enter the franchise store directly. Here, you should see multiple listings for COD points.
  • Go all the way down and you will find a section displayed as Content & Texture Packs.
  • Now, select the mode-specific high-res texture pack you want to install from here. When you do, you will be taken directly to the PlayStation Store listing for your selection. There, you can initiate the download.
  • Navigate to the game icon.
  • Select Options.
  • Select “Manage Game Content.” You will see a list of all the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War-related installs you have on the console.

Black Ops Cold War’s high-res texture packages can be found in the Add-ons section. From there, you can decide to delete them separately or redownload without the need to visit the PlayStation Store listing all over. Possibly you do not find the packs listed on your Add-ons section, ensure to follow the steps laid out above, especially when it comes to finally authorize the game’s download.

How to download on your PC

When first installing Black Ops Cold War on, for example, you will also be asked which mode option you would like to go with. If you want to install and uninstall in different modes on your PC, follow these steps:

  • Launch the website.
  • Click on Black Ops Cold War under Partner Games.
  • Click Options, then select Modify Install from the drop-down list.
  • Select Modify Install under Game Content.
  • Choose which modes you want to be installed or uninstalled.

At this point, you are liberty to decide exactly what Black Ops Cold War game mode you have on your hard drive and playable on PC.

PC Requirements

There are some PC minimum specifications that need to be met before you can effortlessly download and install Cold War Black Ops, as your device needs to be up to a certain processing level to have a smooth experience.

For that, any recent-grade PC can handle this game. If you’ve got anything between Core i5 and Core i7 as a processor, you are pretty much good to go. However, you can always change the settings around your hardware. Let’s get into some of the specs.

Wanna play Black Ops Call of Duty on PC? Have at least 64-bit Windows 7 (SP1) or a 64-bit Windows 10 (v.1803 or more recent) in the operating system. Then, if you don’t have a Core i5 like aforementioned, an Intel Core i3-4340 or AMD FX-6300 processor should do the magic.

You also need to have an Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card but an AMD Radeon HD 7950 also works. 8 GB RAM, a DirectX 12.0 compatible unit, 175 GB in storage capacity if you want all the game modes at once, and 50 GB to enable multiplayer.

Our Recommendation

For PC players, it is recommended that your system flexes 64-bit Windows 10 OS, with the latest update properly installed. An Intel Core i5 i5-2500K or an AMD equivalent in graphics card, nothing below a DirectX 12.0, 175 GB of memory capacity, and 12 GB of RAM.

Console Requirements

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War takes up as much as 187.9 GB on the hard drive of an Xbox Series X, for example. In fact, the game’s size clocked in at 50 GB more than what Treyarch and Activision told players to expect pre-launch.

Though you can select which mode you would like to play, you have to install the entire game first if you are using a console. An Xbox Series X with 1 TB of internal solid-state hard drive comes with about 802 GB while a PlayStation 5 with 825 GB in hard drive would have 667.2 GB of memory capacity—both of which should be able to run Cold War Black Ops seamlessly.

If you are playing with a PS5, at some point the console will allow you to install an NVMe SSD in order to expand the storage space; because this wasn’t something that was supported when the game was launched. As for Xbox Series X users, the games need to be installed onto the internal hard drive of the console. Alternatively, you can use an officially licensed Expansion Card of 1 TB, which goes for no less than $219.99.

What else to know?

You should keep in mind that while Call of Duty’s Warzone is a free-to-play game, Black Ops Cold War is paid, going for $69.99. They currently have a sale on it, so all you need to do is download it on your device. Another important thing you need to know is: you do not have to download the entire game; sections you want to play, as we mentioned, can be installed sequentially.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War also comes with some high-resolution assets, though this is more like an option. If you want to play in high resolution, you can go ahead and download it.

Although that takes up a lot more hard drive space, it is a way to experience a vast version of the game. This is a big install that changes over time, so it will vary as time goes on, especially as they add more content in attempts to serialize the title.

How to speed up Call of Duty Black Ops Download

Perhaps for server issues or other unidentifiable hardware issues, users might have a slow experience downloading and installing the game on their choicest device.

If you choose an element like Zombie, there’s a chance you’d be dealing with 100 GB of storage. But, there are ways you can speed up the setup.

Firstly, endeavor to close all games and applications on your device, as running programs take up a lot of bandwidth, thus slowing down your update. Should you be using a console, you can put it on rest mode.

That will keep the messages, friend requests, and other notifications at bay so the download is much faster. Always keep the devices close to the router or ethernet cables, and try not to update during peak times.

Concluding thoughts

Call of Duty Halloween Update

Playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is an action-packed and fun-filled experience. It is a game that is as bloated and as overwhelming as its name and doesn’t fail to deliver something that is exponentially all-encompassing. More so, the Halloween update begins October 20th which features Ghostface—before he returns to the cinemas—does not look like it is coming out below the bench.

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